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Star Trek: Why Ensign Ro Laren Left TNG (& How It Set Up DS9)

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The Women of Battlestar Galactica

Freeman vows to make the Cerritos a ship of clarity, only to continue to hold back essential information.

  • Hybrids serve as the central computer inside a basestar.

  • Jewelry use inquiries feel Care: Included Anyone.

  • But O'Connor was never seriously considering to reach a higher plane of existence; he just wanted to appear as more interesting.

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He brings her to the for the purpose of completing this mission.

  • These two episodes showed how her past, and most notably the relationship with her mother, brought about Mariner's defiant attitude.

  • And I don't really want to see either how Fletcher empties trash into the warp core of Riker's ship.

  • The similarity doesn't make sense in the story, other than being a part of the red herring.

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