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Summing Up Tik Tok is an addictive and engaging short-video sharing platform that is continuing to gain popularity.

  • He often lip-syncs to popular movie dialogues and reenacts the scenes.

  • For example, someone who has native roots traced to Nigeria may have darker pigmentation than an individual from Morocco.

  • Basically, each dude got 1k+ likes the average is 1.

The Studliness

Sebastian Bails is another Tik Tok influencer who has become popular by posting silly, comedic videos with music, original dialogues, or movie dialogues playing in the background.

  • Despite the fact that he posts in a regional language, he has garnered millions of followers and is one of the most popular creators on the channel.

  • He also runs a successful channel, with over a million subscribers, where he posts covers of popular songs and his original songs.

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