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  • I'm naked in every magazine! So even when you brush your teeth, you're working the muscles.

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt considers her breasts a great accessory to every outfit 40.

  • She took the 2016 season off to give birth to her first-born son, who now dominates her Instagram feed as expected.

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Shakira The most famous Colombian singer of the moment went around the world singing that of 'Hips don't lie' -the hips do not lie-, and she was not at all misguided.

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  • Some say it is because it predicts a woman's ability to bear children; others think it has something to do with a woman's ability to survive, while others say it is a predictor of health due to the distribution of abdominal fat.

  • It only makes sense, then, that Ora has been linked with a number of male celebrities despite her relatively small time in the spotlight, including , and Richard Hilfiger.