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In 1991, this role garnered her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

  • The couple married in 1981, had Elizabeth, but after five years, they divorced.

  • Elizabeth Montgomery hot was born on 15 April 1933, She is an American actress, model and television personality.

  • She was funny and cranky and contradictory, but also a paragon of dignity and integrity, and very vulnerable when it came to her relationship with her ne'er-do-well son.

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  • Well, we could understand him not being too pleased after all, considering for us at the very least she totally eclipsed any interest in his clothing.

  • She was originally supposed to appear in the 1995 movie , playing the governor of New Jersey; however, the entire sequence was cut and replaced.

  • Her father name is Arthur Kingman Cole and mother name is Lucille Cole.

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