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Darkly Dreaming Imagines — Note: There have been quite of few asks for just...

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deeply darkly dreaming

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push the sky away

Working with Shannon Roberts has been wonderful.

  • It was unlike anything you had ever smelled before and you were unsure how to fully describe it.

  • You had been ecstatic your first few days into the trip; too excited about the destination and upcoming weeks to pay much mind to the eventual hardships of long travel.

  • They blame each other for everything that happens on the island.

✎Just An Inconsistent Fic Writer

The things I did enjoy about this book? The events in this novel are similar to the events in of 's series , but then the storyline veers away from the books.

  • Later, the slasher kidnaps Deborah and holds her in the same shipping container where was murdered.

  • Strange things are happening in Ivy's new home.

  • It's Doyle who begins to share with Ivy the history of the Bloodgoods and the Ramseys, which includes some cold-blooded murder and a good old-fashioned curse.

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